Ann Demeulemeester is one of the most influential and inspiring fashion designers of our time. Influenced by punk, she founded her label in 1985 and imbues her designs with a strong narrative and rebellious spirit. For Demeulemeester, fashion is a form of communication. Known for her elegant tailoring and dark yet glamorous aesthetic, she created a serene and darkly romantic world with an intriguing mix of edgy rebellion and sophistication. “Ann Demeulemeester” by Ann Demeulemeester, (introduction by Patti Smith) is a tribute to Demeulemeester’s historical career, with over 1,000 photographs approximating some of the mystery and detailing associated with her brand.

Patti Smith is an American singer-songwriter, poet, and visual artist. Demeulemeester claims Smith not only as her muse, but also as her soul mate.“Patti has always been part of my universe – Demeulemeester has said – but i don’t want to vulgarise our contact, which is really magical and beautiful. It’s almost sacred to me, which is why i never talk about it in the press. Please don’t reduce our friendship to a trouser or a skirt.” (oyster magazine)

Il libro di Ann Demeulemeester è uscito per Rizzoli Usa, il 14 ottobre, ed è stato presentato sabato al Dover Street Market di Londra. In Italia, nel 2010 è uscito invece Just Kids (Feltrinelli, traduzione di Alessandro Mari) in cui Patti Smith racconta la sua storia d’amore con Robert Mapplethorpe.

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