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Marie Stella Maris

In 2010 the United Nations declared access to clean drinking water and sanitation to be a basic human right. However 768 million people still lack access to an improved source of drinking water and 2.5 billion people still lack access to improved sanitation. Marie Stella Maris wants to change this. “Since launching MARIE-STELLA MARIS in November 2012 – they say – we have been able to support the projects described below, providing more than 10.000 people with access to clean drinking water”. The Marie Stella Maris Foundation work in Bangladesh, Uganda and Tanzania. More about their project: “We begin with a strict screening of the project applications and potential partners. Using a pre-defined set of criteria, we work with Aqua for All to make sure that we are helping the most needy people and are working with the right partners to make that happen. This selection process enables us to minimise the risk of mis-management or corruption and ensures that enough attention is being paid on local leverage and involvement to create a long term impact”.

For each Marie Stella Maris product you purchase, they donate a fixed amount towards clean drinking water projects worldwide